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Game Server Details:
This is a list of the Game Servers that we currently host, with the IP/Connection Info to join the Server.

Project Server (Main):
Version: Latest Minecraft Version
IP Address:
Port: 25565
SN Modpack:
Download: Through the Twitch/Curse Client, in Mods, Minecraft, All Modpacks, search "Spawn Network"
or use the Twitch/Curse Client and import the Modpack Zip File into the Client.
IP Address:
Port: 25565

7 Days to Die:
Name: [SN] Spawn and Die
IP Address:
Port: 26900
Name: [SN] Spawn and Die | Hardcore
IP Address:
Port: 26910

Garry's Mod:
Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT):
Name: [SN] Trouble in Terrorist Town
IP Address:
Port: 27015

TeamSpeak 3:
IP Address:
Port: 9987

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